About our classes

Level 1 Yoga  (Beginner Class)

is a yoga class  that attempts to serve a variety of distinct needs: people with movement limitations, or profound stiffness due to lack of activity; relief from disabilities and chronic conditions e.g., arthritis, back pain and other musculo-skeletal issues; recovery from surgery, illness or injury; for seniors, new practitioners, women who are pregnant and those seeking stress-reduction or weight management. Yoga has even been found to be an important compliment in programs to reverse heart disease or provide relief from the challenging conditions of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, as well as mood disorders. 

 Level 2 Yoga (Intermediate/Advanced)

is not just your ordinary “yoga” class. It takes traditional style Hatha yoga and adds in calisthenics, core training along with deep breathing. Classes can be modified for most fitness levels. Get ready for an awesome sweaty workout where with consistent hard work, healthy nutritional habits and mental strength you can get healthy, rehab your body from injuries and get into the best shape of your life!

Zen Warrior Yoga

is a class designed to untie the knots of your mind and body while working on alignment, awareness and energy. It's a great way to close out your work week.

Combat Fitness Training (CFT)

 Combat Fitness Training’s philosophy and methodology are performance-based, not outcome-based like other fitness fads. The performance-based approach permits the individual to work within their own performance level to develop a better, more efficient, stronger, and more capable self.

 (This training consists of bag training, cardio, core work,  strength and mobility training.)

CFT Defense (Self-Defense Class)

 CFT Defense can be a very powerful tool for building your own sense of self confidence. People are attracted to martial arts for numbers of reasons, learning self defense and for physical fitness, two of the most obvious. 

 CFT Defense, not only does it offer a life-changing workout that accommodates every lifestyle and fitness level, but it also focuses on cultivating your self-defense skills beyond the training center by stressing the importance of situational awareness.  

 Get into amazing shape during these training sessions. Work at your own level and begin to notice the benefits through consistant training. 

Matt Hancock


Matt is the owner and teacher at Hancock PowerFit.  He has taught thousands of yoga and fitness classes helping students change their lives. He opened Hammer's Energy Fitness LLC in 2013. With his motivation and expertise he will help you reach your true potential. 

Dedication to our clients


Our integrated approach to mind/body wellness gets you into great shape, reduces stress, develops flexibility and along with balance. Enhances mental toughness along with total body conditioning. 

class schedule

M)  1/20

4:30pm Level 1 Yoga 30 min

5:15pm Level 2 Yoga 50 min 

6:15pm Level 1 Yoga 30 min

6:50pm Combat Fitness Training 30 min

T)  1/21    10,000 CLASS NIGHT!!!

5:15pm ALL LEVELS Yoga 50 min 

6:30pm Combat Fitness Training 

W)  1/22


Th) 1/23

4:30pm Combat Fitness Training 30 min

5:15pm Level 2 Yoga 50 min 

6:15pm Level 1 Yoga 30 min

6:50pm Combat Fitness Training 30 min

Fri) 1/24

4:00pm Combat Fitness Training 30 min

4:45pm Zen Warrior Yoga 45 min

Sat) 1/25

8:00am Level 2 Yoga 50 min

9:00am Combat Fitness Training 30 min

9:40am Level 1 Yoga 30 min

Sn) 1/26






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